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Bellowed awning systems are a tarpaulin system used to control the sun and rain at certain dimensions in hotels, cafes, restaurants and similar spaces. It works manually with the slope towards forward. They are usually used on balconies and entrances.

Technical Details of the Bellows Awning System:

  • Special Steel Profile or Special Aluminum Profile Options are available. The angle is adjusted according to the Bellowed Awning Length and Depth measurements to be manufactured. The hinges of the Bellows Awning System are cast aluminum die.
  • The opening and closing of the Ventilated Awning System is done manually by hand with the awning rope manufactured for the special Ventilated Awning passing through the reels.
  • The maximum length of the Bellows Awning System: 100 cm - 600 cm. .
  • The depth of the Bellows Awning system is maximum: 0.50 cm - 150 cm. 
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